Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Lodi’s strategic location

Lodi is strategically located between Interstate 5 and SR 99. Since 2018–2019, an estimated 33 transportation and logistics businesses in Lodi generated $33.98 million in sales (2018–2019 San Joaquin Partnership Annual Report)

With a rapidly growing number of logistic businesses in the area, Lodi and the San Joaquin Valley are quickly becoming a logistics hub.

In addition to major interstate highways and rail systems, Lodi’s transportation and logistics target industry is also served by a regional deep-water port and airport located just nine miles to the south in Stockton.



acres of vacant land near interstate



acres of vacant land ideal for TDL

Top growth industries: transportation, distribution, and logistics

The city of Lodi supports transportation, distribution and logistics in Lodi by serving on the TDL Partnership, a Delta College Initiative and workforce intermediary to strengthen the talent pipeline for skilled commercial drivers and other TDL trades. The partnership of Delta College, Adult Education Academies, and two local unified school districts work with local employers to receive on-the-job training and classroom preparation to excel in this industry which leads to family-sustaining wages.

Approximately 77 acres of vacant and undeveloped land with immediate interstate access are available in Lodi and suitable for the development of transportation and logistics services. At least another 66 acres are available for TDL purposes with 1.7 miles from SR 99.

In 2019, transportation, distribution and logistics was the top growth industry in San Joaquin County and was second in terms of location quotient, a measure of how concentrated a particular industry, cluster, and occupation is in a region. In 2018, TDL was fifth in Gross Regional Product in San Joaquin County.

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