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Vineyards in Lodi
Lodi is inextricably linked to agriculture

Agriculture is inextricably linked to almost every Lodi and San Joaquin County industry sector including tourism, manufacturing, research, development and technology, transportation, logistics and distribution, and education, to name a few. With its 920,000 acres of agriculturally productive land, San Joaquin County is California’s 7th largest producer of agriculture producing $2.53 billion in agriculture in 2017.

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agriculture producer in CA


agriculture in 2017


Development of agricultural activity
Simply put, the expansion in agriculture here depends on the supply of industrial inputs, and the expansion in industry is tied to the development of agricultural activity. Here are examples of some of the linkages:
Manufacturing, research and development, and technology

Manufacturing, research and development, and technology linkages are through raw materials, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, electric power, and agricultural machinery (strengthening local farms and vineyards), Lodi Electric Utility, and companies like:

Transportation, distribution, and logistics

Transportation, distribution, and logistics linkages are through the impact of rising urbanization and the need for goods movement.

Savings and investment

The third important linkage is the savings and investment linkage between agriculture and industry. Rising commodity prices and the financial terms of trade favor agriculture results in increases in real income leading to increased savings and capital investment.

Thanks to its strategic transportation access points, Lodi and San Joaquin County is becoming a profitable location for corporate warehouse and logistics.

With I-5, SR 99, Union Pacific Rail, a deep-water port and a cargo-centric airport in Stockton, Lodi companies like food and wine processors, Archer Daniels MidlandAH WinesTreehouse Foods, and Pacific Coast Producers can make their connections to west coast distribution centers and other major destinations.

Wine tourism

A number of recent surveys show wine tourism in California is an essential and steadily growing sector. And, nowhere is this news more enthusiastically received than in Lodi, the Zinfandel Capital of the World. The average age of visitors to California wine country is about 44, with 53.7 percent being female and 46.3 percent beingmale. Their average annual income is more than $86,000. Both Baby Boomers and Millennials are driving the California wine market. The greatest news is that tourists spend about $730 per visit to each wine region, and $3,200 per entire wine trip.

Today, Lodi is home to over 80 wineries and has approximately 100,000 acres of premium wine grapes. Lodi is home to the Winemaker of the Year in 2018 and was named Wine Region of the Year in 2015.

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